We have now come upon a crucial part of our examination and indictment of the DNC and their leaders in the Obama regime. We use the word regime because that is what Eric Holder called it and he should know. Getting back to the indictment we have pattern of criminality that we first touched on in our Official Records Act Violated section, this section shows that they acted with foreknowledge and intent to violate 44 U.S.C. 3301 and foil Freedom of Information Act requests. So we have to ask some pointed questions, the first being what did they intend to do with these federal agencies where the citizens right to know was deliberately thwarted.

We have the DOJ with both Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch using aliases and communicated with others that was meant to be kept secret and outside the Official Records Act requirements. This is ominous and suggests a pattern of lawlessness that cries out for investigation and prosecution, to wantonly and with forethought thwart federal law to engage in one conspiracy after another is the only conclusion we can come to.

Why did they need this secrecy…?

In the case of Loretta Lynch meeting Bill Clinton on the ramp in Phoenix, it appears it was to violate law and ethics requirements, both she and Clinton were both lawyers so they certainly knew better. This suggests that they were indeed colluding in a conspiracy to throw the investigation of Hillary and to make sure they all parties were on the same page. This also shows that they both steeped in the aberrant ideology of the DNC and that law is whatever they claim it will be, the rule of law be damned.

Then we have Obama using an unsecured email portal and communicating with Hillary Clinton over her bathroom server that was probably hacked by more foreign intelligence services than McDonalds has served hamburgers. We wonder if this was on purpose that such an insecure server was meant to be hacked and all part of the service that Hillary sold out of the Secretary of State office. For the president to use an alias and unsecured system clearly shows that he intended to violate law and place national security at risk. We wonder what was so important that it led to such security risks, and just what was being covered up, clearly it looks like conspiracy, and collusion.

Then we have both EPA directors using aliases and private email, knowing that is was against the law and the Official Records Act. A pattern is definitely presenting itself that major criminality was being perpetrated, why was it so important to keep these communications off the books, because its not like national security it at stake at the EPA. Could it be is was an illegal scheme to sell favors to major industries that would allow them to pollute with abandon…?

Then we have the combative Kathleen Sebelius who also used aliases and communicated over system outside of official channels. Again we wonder why…? Finally we have Lois Lerner of the IRS and we know what she was tasked to do and that is to keep conservative organization from being granted tax exempt status and we know that this is certainly illegal. So we can sum up all of these actions by these DNC leaders that they did not care to comply with legal requirements as their aberrant ideology allows them to act with impunity where the law Is crystal clear on their duties, so it is willful and wanton violation of law. Demand that your Congressional delegation pass a joint resolution to RICO the DNC and these craven criminals are incarcerated for their crimes against this nation and DNC disbanded.

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DNC Craven Use Of Aliases To Thwart FOIA

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