We have Hillary and Obama two of the most hypocritical DNC leaders in probably their entire history and that goes back to Andrew Jackson, who was so morally bereft of values that he dispossessed the friendly tribes of their lands and led to the Trail of Tears. Clearly an aberrant ideology since their founding. We introduce you to the stunning hypocrisy of selling their meager integrity and nation to the highest bidder… More

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Obama Seeds MOBRO In US Government

Arab Money Paid For Obama’s Education

Obama’s Early Money Ties To Farrakhan

Hillary Clinton 40 Years of Favors

Hillary In Soros Pocket-Open Border

Obama Dumps Tony Rezko Ties To…? Criminal

 Hillary’s Greatest Hit Parade Pay to Play

DNC Media Ignores Foreign Donors

DNC Bought And Paid For

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Obama Bought by Muslim Brotherhood Arab Oil Money Paid For His Harvard Education Chicago Ties To Nation of Islam 40 Years of Favors For Hillary Soros Bought Hillary Obama Dumps Rezko Hillarys Hit Parade of Top Pay to Play Obama Takes Foriegn Donations