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TAKEDOWNtheDNC.com is a community for the civil and thoughtful discussion of issues, and in particular the investigation, prosecution and incarceration of DNC past and present principals, officers and Obama regime officials for their many crimes committed in the last election and the last eight years. And the ongoing actions to instigate sedition and inrurrection with their laughable Russian collusion scheme. We want you and the public to insist that the DOJ take action against this crimimal enterprise masquerading as a political party. It is not a chatroom, it is a discussion forum. Comments are moderated. We reserve the right to delete any post for any reason, at any time. When commenters violate comment rules their posting privileges are revoked. After not heeding warnings, you get three strikes then you are banned, or as the situation warrants immediate banning may result. TAKE DOWN the DNC is a privately owned publication. Publishing a comment on TAKE DOWN the DNC is a privilege, not a right.


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• Attacks on others: scorn, slurs, name-calling, ad hominem attacks against other commentors, scorn against the DNC is welcome.

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• Advocating violence.

• Vendor promotion.

• Chatroom comments.

• Texting style English.

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• Gossip, second-hand information.

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• Advocacy of illegal activity (refusal to pay taxes, etc).

• False premises, crystal ball reading, speaking for others, stereotyping.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Registration is Mandatory

Yes. You must be registered to submit a comment to the TAKE DOWN the DNC reader forum. You must register with a valid email address.

How Do I Register?

To Register please Click Here you will be taken to DISQUS to create an account (JavaScript must be Enabled in your browser for this to work properly.) Fill in the form and click the Register Button. After you have submitted the form, follow any on-screen directions, or you will receive an e-mail telling you that your registration has been approved. You must reply to the e-mail to activate your account. If you do not receive this e-mail in your default inbox, please check your spam folder. ****NOTE**** Please be sure to record your user name and password exactly as you typed them (capital and non-capitalized letters and/or numbers) as this information is case-sensitive and needs to be typed in order to log in to the system!

How Do I Log Into My Account?

To log in to your account please the login at the top of the DISQUS comment box (JavaScript must be Enabled in your browser for this to work properly.) Fill in the form and click Login. If the information you have typed in is correct you will now be logged in. At this point you will be on a specific topic or home page or can Click Here to go to the HOME page and see the latest postings.

Assessing The DNC Ideology and Actions:

The HOME page is for general comments regarding the site, and each topic of the DNC indictement page(s) for their beliefs also allows comments. Each article in a particular attribute is just one piece, all the articles taken together show how this particular attribute of their ideology is actually practiced and why we only allow comments on the individual attribute which allows us to get a clearer picture of this retched ideology. We can all learn from each other…

Copying & Pasting From Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word uses its own version to customize text. As a result, when one copies and pastes text from Word into the DISQUS comment submission box, the comment text is received with distorted formatting. If text is copied from Word, it must be pasted into Notepad or Wordpad to eliminate embedded coding. The text can then be posted in the comment box. Format as you see fit.

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