This is a straight forward case of extortion that most criminal enterprises engage in, sure would be terrible if your business went up in flames. Only it was the DOJ under the DNC and Obama that were soliciting radical leftist groups to make complaints against corporations or banks of one sort or another. Eric Holder would then go to the corporations and tell them that if they settled with the DOJ would preclude bringing them up on charges and defending themselves in court. They then offered the mark, excuse me target a deal they could not refuse, if they gave voluntary donations to radical leftist groups the DOJ would credit them with a 2 to 1 reduction in the settlement.

It worked like this, if the settlement with the DOJ was for 2 million dollars the mark would only need to donate 1 million dollars to the designated radical group.

This is extortion if there ever was one, what’s more it is a conspiracy to commit extortion (collusion) since the DOJ was soliciting radical groups to bring a complaint against the marked corporation that was going to be skinned. This is such an affront to justice that it sickens one to think that our government was using the power of the DOJ to commit extortion on behalf of political entities that are part of the DNC network against businesses that they considered enemies.

With government like this who needs real enemies…

These acts are conclusive proof that the DNC and the Obama regime were in a complete criminal conspiracy to defraud and extort private enterprise. This is aberrant behavior and so out of the mainstream on what could ever be considered appropriate for attorneys of the Department of Justice to be engaged in. This is what the mafia does to their victims; only this was the DOJ. Clearly we are in new territory when government is so misused as to be indistinguishable from a criminal enterprise.

Therefore they must be one and the same…

Then while this was going on Harry Reid in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi in the House were funding government using the nuclear option, otherwise known as reconciliation, a budgetary maneuver that precluded budgets and several requirements that federal agencies reconcile previous budgetary years appropriations. This means that agencies were being funded on a cost plus basis from the previous year without any reconciling of the books on these appropriated funds.

In other words; funds just disappeared…

To make sure that this happened Obama instructed the Department of Commerce and in particular the Census Bureau to eliminate the Statistical Abstract of the United States which had been in constant publication since 1878, through every war and financial downturn that befell our nation, that is until Obama. This was not by accident. As the Abstract tracks every dollar spent by the federal government down to the state, and municipal level. With this resource eliminated all the money appropriated by Congress could be placed into slush funds and allow discretionary spending by Obama and his merry band of thieves to their hearts content. We wonder how many Cayman Island bank accounts may have been created, and by whom…?

This is just one more reason that Congress must pass a joint resolution to instruct DOJ to prosecute the DNC and former Obama regime officials to extinction. Back to DNC Slush Fund Spending vs. Governance page.

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