We have come to see that politics takes a back seat to power and the DNC quest for more of it, to the point that the black community has paid a steep price for such hitching their wagon to the aberrant ideology of the DNC. Every major city has a ghetto and was created by FDR’s new deal, Johnson made sure they would stay there with the War on Poverty and his vision for a Great Society his spending only sealed their fate… More

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DNC Johnson Sealed The Fate of Ghettos

DNC Created The Welfare Plantations

DNC Welfare Destroyed Detroit

DNC Welfare Destroyed Black Families

DNC War On Poverty Dismal Failure

What FDR Started Johnson Finished DNC War on Poveerty Dismal Failure Welfare Destroyed Black Families DNC Welfare Destroyed Detroit

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DNC Long History Of Racist Housing policy

What Holocaust DNC Taught the Nazis

DNC Runs Every City That Has A Ghetto

DNC FDR Created Nations Ghettos

FDR & New Deal Created Ghettos In America DNC Policies Created Welfare Plantations DNC Holocaust Taught The Nazis DNC Runs Every City With A Ghetto