We have seen the misery of the ghetto with rampant crime, poverty and lack of opportunity with a majority of single parent households which are now three full generations as a permanent welfare underclass. What’s more these single parent households are predominantly women with numerous children all on welfare and government assistance. Through all of this they are the lucky ones as the most dangerous place for a black child is in a mothers womb in the ghetto as she is just as likely to have her pregnancy end through another wildly successful DNC program of infanticide.

Then if all this were not enough these captured electorates bought and paid for by the American people all to benefit the DNC are kept at a low level of animosity by community organizers that constantly stir the hatred at a low roil in between elections. What in effect the DNC has done for blacks is to have traded the agricultural plantation with one that is made of concrete, bricks, mortar and steel.

With the black community worse off than they were before the creation of the welfare state by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson. What these two have wrought is almost the complete destruction to the black family where 71% of all black children are in single parent family. This is a terrible statistic and one that is the making of the aberrant ideology of the DNC, a belief system that is bereft of moral value. These poor citizens are kept in poverty so that their votes can be harvested every two years and the community organizers take their cut and make sure they stay put.

People like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Barrack Obama have been instrumental in creating the illusion that it is the fault of the GOP and white culture that has a pervasive attitude of racism which keeps them in virtual bondage.

While the perception of bondage is accurate, it is the oppressors that are not properly identified as that would be the DNC itself, while they continue to lay blame on others we have shown that the nations ghettos are in fact the creation of the DNC itself. Nice trick to blame others for practically every ill that has been visited upon people of color. They exploit them at every opportunity to push a faulty racist agenda that is simply the politics of racial division.

This is simply divide and conquer and it is being consciously played out in our nations cities regardless of the misery it has caused. The indifference of these DNC race hustlers of the black community to the point that three generations have languished under their heel for far to long. These same racist ideologues that have allowed all this misery to fester are now taking the battle to the majority white population and claiming that it is white privilege that has caused all this misery and not the DNC which we have proven is the culprit in this travesty of morality. We have indicted the DNC as an aberrant ideology that is bereft of moral value and it is proven by their politics and policies of racial division that lays blame on everyone else but themselves.

As every major city in our nation is safely in the duplicitous DNC hands…

We have show that this is a belief system that has caused untold death, mayhem and criminality in our nation since its founding in the 1820’s with lynching's and other cruelties to their fellow man, as well as rampant corruption where today it is no different than a Mafioso crime syndicate and enterprise. We must ensure that this cancer is excised from our society and body politic by the RICO statutes and prosecuted to oblivion for their many crimes.

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