Certainly our perception of the world are shaken when we are faced with the bizarre story of Imran Awan and his espionage acts against this nation and the eccentric reaction by the DNC who hired him and his family for no-show jobs. The exorbitant salary and other compensation is also unexplained and that they could have been so duped by these Islamists is also quite extraordinary. To not terminate their services indicates that they are either half witted, or complicit and to hide behind islamophobia sounds trite and over done.

But then this is the DNC who thought nothing of supporting Obama as he sold weapons to Al Qaeda and gave Iran keys to the nuclear kingdom. So anything is possible, but what we find so astounding is that they do not seem to know the line between treason and foolishness. Clearly their ideology is missing a few cognizant tenants.

We are met with another mess to clean up after these reprobates that allow everything under the Sun but conservative thought and discussion, it is declared hate speech and shut down. They are so enamored with their myopic viewpoint of this world they cannot tell friend from foe. We now know that this espionage ring more than likely got William Owens a SEAL and defender of our nation killed in action in Yemen.

We see that DNC Debbie was threatening the Chief of the Capitol Police force over a laptop, we can only speculate, as it seems logical it had incriminating evidence on it or it would have ben immediately turned over.

What she attempted to do was obstruction of justice, and for what, to cover for an Islamist that had sold his country out and committed treason, we wonder where her priorities lie. It certainly isn’t defending this nation against foreign enemies. This goes to the larger question we are trying to prove with this website and others that are linked to it, and that is that the DNC is a criminal enterprise and so their leaders are criminal associates as well and do not have the judgement that is fitting their station. When you spend your entire career acting with impunity against this nation and its laws they end up being arrogant, stubborn and contrary since they act as if the law does not apply to them.

We have so many examples that they are to numerous to discuss here and all we can say is that it speaks for itself. The quandary of course is that these reprobates have mired our nation and president with a yoke that is nothing but a tissue of lies all to give cover for their own crimes.

The DNC has acted with contempt for the rule of law and flouted their judgement as superior to law, acted by executive fiat and made a mess of the entire nation and our economy. This is just one more brick in the wall that the DNC cannot be trusted to have the experience or judgement needed to run the ship of state and so should be investigated, prosecuted and incarcerated. Then after they have been sentenced for their crimes against this people the DNC should be obliterated as an abhorrent ideology the same as the KKK and Nazis. Back to the Imran Awan & House DNC page.

Imran Awan & House DNC

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