Nothing says criminal enterprise than a nationwide scheme of election fraud that the DNC perpetrated in the last election, there is something malevolent that lies at the heart of this ideology that allows them to purposely disenfranchise the entire nation. This statement is not in dispute as Debbie Wasserman Schultz who is no stranger to collusion and corruption resigned as DNC Chair after this was revealed by the Wikileaks Podesta emails. This is also the subject of a federal lawsuit brought by Bernie Sanders supporters against the DNC, while Bernie himself took a big payoff to go quietly into the night so much for ethics among socialists.

However; if that were all there is to the story we could quit right here, but sadly what we saw play out during the election is worse, much worse and just tends to prove the lack of morals, ethics and a propensity to win by any means necessary. We were treated to the Veritas videos of the DNC operatives that laid out the depth and breadth of their nationwide scheme. Which talked about bussing voters across state lines to illegally vote, having mentally disturbed individuals that could be paid and goaded to start violence at Trump’s rallies, knowing full well the propaganda arm of the DNC the MSM would blame Trump supporters.

These operatives Scott Foval revealed has been doing these practices for 50 years and what is even more telling was the revelation that he and the Hillary campaign had been coordinating with Super-Pacs on a daily basis. Which is a violation of federal election law. Then CNN fired Donna Brazille interim DNC Chair for passing debate questions to Hillary for one of the debates with Trump.

What are we to make of the DNC and their operatives that they want to win by any means necessary and the law is just and impediment that is easily circumvented. Clearly this is evidence that they are rotten to the core and are nothing more than a criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party. Surely this is collusion in a conspiracy to commit an organized election fraud scheme on a nationwide scale and it runs from the DNC all the way down to the State party divisions.

As proof of the previous statement, we have the disgusting story of the Ohio poll worker and convicted felon Melowese Richardson who was convicted of voter fraud by voting multiple times for Obama and sent to prison, who was then released early on the insistence of the DNC party in Ohio. She was given a given a heroes welcome by the Ohio DNC where she was the special guest for a get out the vote drive. Clearly the optics of this callous display only proves the contention that the DNC is the party of voter & election fraud, which is ironic that they continually lambaste the GOP over voter suppression because they support voter ID, one wonders how they can hold such divergent views at the same time.

Cognitive dissonance at its finest and shows how corrupt and truly bereft of morals and how criminal they truly are…

What are good and decent people to do when faced with such a massive criminal enterprise that believes that they have the power, right and duty to commit massive election fraud on a nationwide scale to fix elections, debates and corrupt the voting process at the precinct level. Clearly this is not a political party but a criminal enterprise that screams out for investigation and prosecution by the use of the RICO statutes with their past and present national leadership and Obama regime officials convicted for their crimes against the nation and people.  Back to DNC Nationwide Election Fraud page.

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