We find out that the DNC and Obama were extorting corporations for felonious settlements and turning around and funding radical leftists groups with these funds to preclude actions by DOJ.  We also discovered illegal appropriations to Obama Care and other agencies of the federal government not appropriated by Congress. Then we see that the Statistical Abstract which tracked all this spending was eliminated.… More

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House Probes Obama’s DOJ Shakedowns

 DNC Extorted Funds & Illegal Appropriations

DNC Slush Fund Spending vs. Governance

2012 DNC & Obama Biggest Spender Ever

Obama Using Slush Fund To Fly Illegal Aliens

Slush Fund Used To Import Illegal Aliens

Obama Funnels 7 Billion Illegally-Obamacare

Obama Does Away With Accountability

Trump Ends Illegal Funding of Radical Groups

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House Probes DOJ Funding DNC Groups DNC Extortion & Illegal Approriations Obama Blinds Government on Spending DNC Obama Biggest Spender Ever Obama Uses Slush Fund to Fly Illegal Aliens Obama Illegaly Imports Illegal Aliens Obama Illegaly Spends 7 Billion on ObamaCare Trump Ends Slush Fund To Radical Groups