We have one example after another where Obama an accomplished DNC aberrant devotee that never met a despot or tyrant he could not make an accommodation with, this is telling and shows that the DNC ideology cannot tell the difference between and friend and foe. We have shown time and again how Obama chose despicable men who are despised the world over, and yet he chose them over our allies who is Obama… More

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DNC & Obama Own North Korea Nukes

Obama Embraces Venezuela's Hugo Chavez

DNC Support of Tyrants & Despots

Obama’s New Bromance, Raul Castro

Obama Gushes All Over Raul Castro

Obama Praise Iran Dictator, Allies Under Bus


Obama Kisses Up To Iran & Cuba, Angers Allies

Obama Milquetoast Eulogy For His Mentor

Obama Glowing Words of Praise For Iran

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Obama Owns NOKO Nukes Obama Embraces Hugo Chavez Obama Cannot Condemn Chavez On Death Obama's Glowing Words of Praise For Iran Obama Throws Allies Under Bus Angers Allies Again, Iran & Cuba Obama Sucks Up To Raul Castro Obama's New Bromance Raul Castro