Loose morals and lack of character lead the DNC to embrace less than stellar ethics and lead them on the whole to embrace corruption in their personal and public lives. This is because they are not moored to a concrete set of mores and principals or even law(s) and create havoc in our society by embracing odious ill suited policies that cause harm to many with others always paying the cost in their quest for power… More

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Obstruction of Justice By DOJ AG Lynch

FBI No Photos, No Cell Phones, No Pictures

DNC Lynch Shocking Ex Parte Meeting

FBI Interview Hillary Week following Phoenix

FBI Comey Exonerates Hillary Fix Was In

DNC Chooses Most Corrupt Candidate

FBI Reopens The Lynch-Clinton FOIA

DNC Party of Criminals & Felons

DNC Choose Hillary Most Corrupt Ever

DOJ Obstruction of Justice Lynch/Clinton Meeting

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DOJ Meets Privately With Clintoon FBI No Cell Phone, No Pictres, No Record DNC AG Lynch Scoundrel Ethically Challenged FBI Interviews Hillary Following Phoenix Meeting DNC Comey Exonerates Hillary FBI Reopens FOIA Request Phoenix Meeting DOJ Offers Hillary Please Deal...?