Obama and the DNC talk incessantly about our right to privacy and then with a cavalier attitude violate our fourth amendment rights with impunity. All the while granting rights and privileges to foreign nationals who are not even citizens at the expense of our security and financial well being. Their ideology is such that the ends justify the means and in doing so endanger us all from foreign and domestic enemies… More

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FISA Court Admonishes Obama On Warrants

Obama Hampers Foreign Data Sources

Obama & AG Lynch Authorized Illegal Spying

DNC & Obama Abuse of Power

ights A Trojan Horse

Samantha Power Did Most Unmasking

CIA Drove Comey & FBI to Investigate Trump

Obama’s Illegal Surveillance of Trump & Citizens

Obama Tricks FISA Court into Warrant

Obama Unmasked Citizens Political Purpose

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Obama FISA Warrant on Trump Obama Unmasked Citizens Political Purpose Samantha Power Spy Master Brennan CIA Drove Trump Surveillance FISA Court Admonishes Obama Obama Hampers CIA & NSA Obama & Lynch Authorized Spying DNC & Obama Abuse of Power