When we look back at the Obama years it seems we see one example of corruption after another, the first that comes to mind is the DOJ allowing a case that had already been won by default against the Black Panthers in a voter intimidation case. Holder allowed the judgement to slip away after already being won. Clearly we see that certain elements in our nation and society were being given favored status, all over perceived past racial injustice, and Obama and Holder think white people and our society is inherently racist. It seems all they can ever see is race and everything is filtered through that lens. We have already established that the DNC is an aberrant ideology that bends the law to their perceptions of reality which is in no way is in keeping with the rule of law. Which is why we saw so much corruption out of the DNC and Obama regime because they have thrown off all of our deeply held beliefs as a nation and society and the rule of law; to rule by fiat.

This is exemplified by how they are in such a tizzy and hissy fit, because they lost the election. Clearly the DNC and their leadership are not rational people that are firmly grounded in reality. Far from it they put forth the absolutely worst candidate, Hillary that has been placed for office in the history of the Republic. She was so disliked that her negative poll numbers exceeded her positive ones and that was with her constituents, the DNC itself. She was so unlikable that the only way to keep her from sinking any further was to limit her interaction with the media and public in general. To say people were excited by her in the race was tepid at best. That is just her personality, the rest of the election was a forgone conclusion.

The rest of that package was a bitter ill old woman who had hitched her wagon a serial philanderer and destroyed one bimbo (her language) after another to keep the publicity tamped down. She was reviled by men and women for her utter lack of self respect and it showed in her day to day life. Then the money grubbing and stealing of silverware and other mementoes during her time as First Lady clearly showed the aberrant personality for all to see. Then the pay to play scheme which was meant as a way to monetize public service, and her being a less than memorable Secretary of State who failed to do much of anything except get four brave men in Benghazi killed because it interfered with her emoluments scam and arming our enemies. And those are her winning attributes, but we think what really sank her was when she testified to Congress and was so callous and brutal about the deaths of the men she should have protected and famously said “at this point what difference does it make.”  

So to make a long story short, this is why the DNC is corrupt to their rotten core because they do not have any morals, mores, and principles that the majority of this nation cleaves to. And why this part of the indictment shows the DNC in all their glory that they are an entitled group that feels that they can and should rule the world, that is rule, not lead.

It is with all due haste that we need to bring this aberrant ideology and criminal enterprise before the bar of justice and prosecute them to extinction. They are now in open sedition and commanding their proxies and surrogates to open insurrection. Clearly if we are to avoid civil war we must destroy them with the rule of law. Contact congress and let your voice be heard.

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