Official Records Act Violated

DNC Threatens Funding Gridlock

DNC Sedition & Insurrection

Obama Surveillance of Trump

DNC Bought And Paid For

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Obama Gave Iran Nukes

Operation Fast & Furious

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 Jail Corrupt DNC Politicians

DOJ Obstruction Of Justice

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Real Russian Collusion

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 Podesta Lied DNC Not Hacked

Craven Use of Aliases

Weaponized Agencies & IRS

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DNC Balkanizing Nation

Support Of Tyrants & Despots

Looting Private Sector

Imran Awan & House DNC

Pay To Play Schemes & Corruption

DNC Election Fraud

DNC Donna Brazille

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Disgraced DNC Chair Donna Brazile

DNC Scandal Plagued Regime

Scandal Plagued Regime End Pay to Play Schemes DNC Nationwide Election Fraud Official Records Act Ignored Obama-Illegal Surveillance of Trump Imran Awan & House DNC DNC Sedition & Insurrection DNC Threatens Government Shut Down

 One Voice For The DNC Media

One Voice For The DNC Media

DNC Fraud & Corruption

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DNC Fraud Nothing Changes DOJ Obstruction of Justice Podesta Lied DNC Not Hacked Real Russian Collusion Craven Use Of Aliases To Thwart FOIA Imprison Corrupt Politicians DNC Operation Fast & Furious Obama Gave Iran Nuclear Weapons Weaponized Agencies of Federal Government

DNC Slush Fund Governance

DNC Slush Fund Governance Looting the Private Sector

Acts Illegally By Fiat

Creators of Welfare Plantations

Using Violence, Surrogates

DNC Balkanizing Nation For Hegemony DNC Support of Tyrants & Despots

Abuse of Bureaucracy

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Violent Surrogates & Proxies Of The DNC DNC Created Welfare Plantations DNC Abuse Of Bureaucracy DNC Acts Illegally by Fiat

These pages are dedicated to the goal of having the DNC investigated, prosecuted and obliterated for the numerous and varied crimes committed in the 2016 Election. This site is  a layman's indictment for the ongoing acts of a corrupt political criminal enterprise that advocates sedition and inciting violence, against the American people who they call deplorable and their libelous Russian election interference scam… More 2017©

Who At DNC Killed Seth Rich

 Who At DNC Killed Seth Rich

DNC Bought & Paid For