This site was created to stir public opinion to demand that the DNC and leading democrats be investigated with the RICO statutes to end their criminal enterprise that is masquerading as a political party... One undeniable fact that we have uncovered is that the left is for the most part frenetic in its goals and aspirations, since they have wholly rejected our founding principles, mores, values and frankly common sense.

It is much easier to tear things down than build them from the ground up from scratch…

This is a feature not a bug, and why they glom onto all the nonsense they practice to give themselves some measure and veneer of respectability from a raison d'etre perspective as they thrash about to bring bedrock principles to their ideology that is bereft of moral value. What we have begun to see is that the DNC and their acolytes in general hate conservatives because we have a value and belief system that brings joy, love and purpose into our lives, that the progressive left surely and sorely envy, miss, desire and need. Please use it. Proceed to RICOtheDNC home page.

These websites have been created to characterize the DNC and their aberrant ideology as they practice it, and create a layman’s indictment for their crimes committed during the last eight years. HATE the DNC shows how they have corrupted our institutions and how pervasive they have become as a cabal in our nation and society. Use these websites as a resource to take our nation back from these ideologues and petty tyrants, the nation we save will be our own… 2017©

HATE the DNC attempts to get our arms around the all pervasive ideology that has corrupted practically every institution in our nation, from education, entertainment, legal and judiciary and of course government. They have rejected our founding principles and use our system of government to institute another form that is more in line with totalitarian systems of governance than our constitutional republic, and is in effect fascism.

It seems as if they are everywhere, that only appears to be true.

By using all these organizations we have cataloged (there are many more) the DNC and their fellow travelers can manufacture consensus on a moments notice and why we have an outpouring of support that is actually in appearance only and not deeply held beliefs of the majority in this nation. This is proven by the election results from last November where the American people rejected the DNC candidates and elected a political newcomer to the highest office in the land. This is not by accident as the American people recognize that the DNC does not abide by our laws. Proceed to HATEtheDNC home page.