Obama Gave The No. 1 Sponsor of Terrorism Nukes & Tribute

We had followed this story for more than a year on our Patriots & Tyrants site and were disgusted with the slavering sycophantic actions out of Obama and John Kerry as they allowed Iran to dictate terms and then to pay tribute to keep them at the table. Clearly Obama and company did not negotiate from a position of strength but followed the cowards way and appeased Iran at every turn, to our detriment.… More

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Obama’s Shameless Appeasement of Iran

Obama’s Nuke Deal Abrogates Constitution

Obama Ridicules Senators Over Letter

Iran Says Obama Begged For Deal

Obama Uses FDR Slight Of Hand, No Treaty

11.9 Billion In Tribute For Nuke Talks

Trump Iran Compliant On Obama’s Nuke Deal

Obama Pays Tribute To Iran - Nuke Talks

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Obama Shameless Appeasement Of Iran Obama Pays Tribute To Islam & Iran Obama Pays 11.9 Tribute To Iran Obama Nuke Deal Abrogates Constitution Obama Begs For Deal With Iran Obama Mocks GOP Senators Over Iran Letter Obama Follows FDR Not A Treaty Trump Certifies Iran Compliant On Nuke Deal