Leave it to the DNC who claim to be for the little guy and come up with one scam after another to monetize government service for personal gain, we have no better argument than the Clinton Foundation. Where Hillary as Secretary of State sold access for government favors, privileges and contract for fee service. We know that the Clinton’s reaped a $145 million from just one scheme out of thousands… More

DNC Hillary’s Foundation Has IRS Trouble

DNC & Democrats Ran Pay to Play Schemes

Hillary Clinton International Arms Dealer

DNC Speaker Tied to Immigration Pay to Play

DNC Donna in Pay to Play Scam


DNC Pay to Play In Congress Forever

DNC Foundation & Fraud Scams

Illinois Governor Convicted in Pay to Play

Clinton Family Pay to Play DNC Pay to Play DNC & Foundation Scams Hillary SOS and International Arms Dealer DNC Speaker Tied to Pay to Play Immigration Scam DNC Chair In Pay to Play Scam

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DNC Long History of Pay to Play Illinois Governor Convicted in Pay to Play

DNC Pay To Play Schemes & Scams

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DNC Hillary’s Hilarious Non Stop Excuse’s

New Tranche of Classified Documents

New Tranch of Classified Documents

Judge Jeanine Builds The Case For Hillary

Judge Jeanine Builds Case Against Hillary

Jailed for Mishandling Secrets Lock Her Up

Man Convicted Wants Hillary Prosecuted

FBI & Obama DOJ Collusion With Russia

Clinton Collusion with Russian Uranium Deal