This is probably the most serious indictment against the DNC we can level as they are placing national security in jeopardy over losing the election. They have put the nation on a path to play nuclear chicken with the only other super power on the planet. To call their act aberrant is an understatement, it is nothing short of treachery and treason. To claim with no evidence that Russia ate their election endangers us all… More

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DNC Not Hacked Podesta Lied

Evidence Shows DNC Hack Inside Job

NSA Expert DNC Leak Inside Job

Obama Sanctions Russia With No Evidence

Russia Obama & DNC Destroying Detente

Putin Retaliates For Baseless Sanctions

 Homeland Security DNC Refused Help

DNC Russia Gate Voided by Evidence

Podesta Lied DNC Not Hacked 2017©

Podesta Lied DNC Not Hacked, Inside Job DNC Inside Job Podesta's Nightmare NSA Expert DNC Not Hacked Inside Job Evidence Destroy Russian Hack of DNC Obama Sanctions Russia With No Evidence Moscow Accuse Obama of Destroying Detente Putin Retaliates for Baseless Sanctions  DNC Refused DHS Help For Supposed Hack