We are left to wonder how gullible the DNC thinks the American people are, we elect a leader over a sick, delusional criminal and they pull out all the stops in baseless charges of “collusion with Russia” at least they should come up with something illegal. Like for instance the treasonous acts of Obama giving away the farm over our nukes, or Hillary that conspired to sell American uranium assets to the Russians… More

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Obama Scraps Shield, Russia & Iran Win

Obama Gives In To Putin In Syria

Obama Knew and Did Nothing About Russia

DNC Hillary Sells US Uranium To Russia

Clinton Crime Inc. 145 Million Uranium One

Obama, DNC & Hillary Collude Over Russia

DNC Colludes With Ukraine Over Trump Russia

Obama was Punked by Putin

Real Russia Collusion and Conspiracy

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Obama Gave Away Nuke Talks, Open Mic

Obama Gave Away Nuke Talks Open Mic Obama Scraps Missle Shield Obama Colludes Wth Putin In Syria Hillary Sells Unranium One To Russia Clinton Inc. Rakes In 145 Million On Uranium Deal Obama, Hillary & DNC Collude On Russia Scam DNC Colludes With Ukraine To Frame Trump