The Rest of the Story

We were incensed when Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself, since the only way we are going to get our nation back is to TAKE DOWN the DNC to investigate, prosecute and convict these anti-American politicians that are nothing more than a retrograde force for the destruction of our culture, nation and Constitution using the RICO statutes.

After working towards this end it became apparent that our mere prodding and advocating for an investigation of the DNC by our elected members of Congress to stand and do their duty was fruitless.  Then it dawned on us that it will require an action of the people much like the last election to accomplish this Herculean task. To that end we have started this effort by creating web resources that describes the attributes of the DNC and the progressive left in all its manifestations of their ideology. This work will include numerous web resources and websites all working for one purpose RICO the DNC. It is in graphic form, so its easy for the left to understand and they do not have to think, they are use to that. Then when you choose an attribute of their ideology you will be presented with evidence of their laziness in thought, logic and reason as they thrash about for bedrock principles that they lack in their ideology.

This website TAKE DOWN the DNC is a laymen’s indictment of the DNC by present and past leaders; as well as the entire Obama regime…

It is being created to stir public opinion to demand that the DNC leaders be investigated with the RICO statutes to end their criminal enterprise that is masquerading as a political party... One undeniable fact that we have uncovered is that the left is for the most part frenetic in its goals and aspirations, since they have wholly rejected our founding principles, mores, values and frankly common sense.

It is much easier to tear things down than build them from from scratch…

This is a feature not a bug, and why they glom onto all the nonsense they practice to give themselves some measure and veneer of respectability from a raison d'etre perspective as they thrash about to bring bedrock principles to their ideology that is bereft of moral value. What we have begun to see is that the DNC and their acolytes in general hate conservatives because we have a value and belief system that brings joy, love and purpose into our lives, that the progressive left surely and sorely envy, miss, desire and need.

This is why they practice multiculturalism, identity politics, class warfare and host of other destructive practices to establish some measure of the power in which they seek, but on a personal level to justify their rank theft of power, property and wealth from others. On the whole the progressive left and DNC are envy based as they justify their unjustifiable nattering in a vain attempt to give themselves some measure of respect and a veneer of propriety.

It is the age old issue of rebelling against the status quo, they would tear it all down to salve their conscience of their fears and failures as they boldly go into that dark night with an ideology that gives them no peace, joy or certainty much less respite, from the fear of their own demise that promises nothing but a cold dark grave…

This site is predominately serves as the indictment against the DNC which we will show has at its base a depraved set of beliefs that cheapens life to the point of destruction. Their rhetoric of late is seditious and advocates insurrection, violence and mayhem against anyone that dares use their first amendment rights to speak against their aberrant ideology which we have illustrated on

We see nothing socially redeemable in the DNC which has acted and morphed into a criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party and working towards the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Especially of late with their Russians ate their election scam against a duly elected government of the people. This shows as nothing else can that they do not believe in our way of life, government, the rule of law and common decency or that they will abide by the laws of this nation and the will of the people. We have provided a page where you can contact Congress and let your desire(s) be known to end this aberrant ideology once and for all. Please use it. Back to our home page.

Alan P. Halbert, CMBA

Publisher & Chief Editor 2017©