We were witness to what historians will no doubt characterize to be the most lawless and corrupt regime in the history of the Republic. We were met almost daily with one lawless act after another to where the revelations were constant, causing many to speculate that they were being purposely done to move the last lawless act off the new cycle. That is not governance but lawlessness and rank corruption… More

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Pigford Scandal Payment for Being…?

Benghazi Was A Forgone Conclusion

Nunes Abuse Of Power Spying On Citizens

Eighteen Of Obama’s Worst Scandals

Benghazi Armed Al Qaeda

Obama Arms Iran With Nukes

Obama’s Operation Fast & Furious

Obama’s IRS Targets Conservatives

DNC Scandal Plagued Regime

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Obama's Worst Scandals Abuse of Power by Unmasking Citizens Pigford Free For All Benghazi A Forgone Conclusion Obama Rewards Al Qaeda Obama Arms Iran with Nukes Obama's Operation Fast & Furious Obama Targets 2012 Election