DNC Sedition Resistance Summer

DNC Antifa Surrogates Kill Woman

DNC Surrogates Killed An Innocent Woman

DNC Rise Of Violence From The Left

DNC Violence At Trump Rallies

Nevada Democrats Warn DNC of Violence

Loretta Lynch Tells DNC Call To Violence

DNC & CIA Will Kill Donald Trump

We are now at such a point that DNC has called to arms their rabble they call democrats to depose and hound from office a president that they do not like. We remember back to early 2009 when Rush Limbaugh made the mistake of saying he hoped Obama would fail, a torrent of condemnation was heaped on him and conservatives. What we see today pales in comparison and is open sedition and insurrection … More

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 DNC Sedition & Insurrection

DNC & CIA Will Kill Donald Trump DNC Resistance Summer Antifa Kills Woman DNC Surrogates Lay Waste to Another Life DNC Rise of Antifa DNC Lashes Out Violently

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DNC Nevada Warns of Violence From Dems Loretta Lynch Blood In the Steets