What are we to say about an ideology that believes that governments only function is to install itself into every facet of our lives; that it controls us from the time we wake to time we go to sleep. From the time we are born to the time we die and every moment in between. Because this is what the DNC and Obama have done to this nation as if they are the only ones that know what is best for us. This is why they forced ObamaCare on us to make sure we would always toe the party line, otherwise our health could take a disastrous turn. This aberrant ideology only promotes dependence of relying on their good graces to provide for our needs in the manner and amount they see fit, not what we may actually want for ourselves and our families. Which is why they promote so much government in our lives, otherwise what do we need them for, nothing that’s what.

And finally a government big enough to give you everything you need is big enough to take everything you have…

The DNC fails to realize that we are a Constitutional Republic and that government has one and really only job, it is to safeguard our rights, not make sinecures for government workers or safely ensconce DNC leaders into every facet of government and grow it to ever greater size. Securing their positions and place at the seat of power, and always at our expense, in lost rights, freedom and liberty.

But that is exactly what Obama has done. He has weaponized practically every agency of the federal government and see the GOP and conservatives as enemies. And why we are having such a problem with deep state operative(s). We started off this indictment with what he had done with the IRS. To make sure that conservatives would never be in a position to challenge the hegemony he and the DNC were creating by using this agency to deny any tax exempt status and hobble the educational efforts of conservative thought in this nation. As well as harass donors and others that support conservative values. Not because it is the right thing to do, but because they cannot compete in the arena of idea’s about governance, society, freedom or liberty. What they promise is not freedom but dependence and why they must destroy competing thoughts to their ideology, as freedom is dangerous and destroys them at a base level.

We are then introduced to the weaponization of the Federal Election Commission which would give them an advantage to put the RNC and conservatives into a position that hampers their efforts at the polls every two years. Again; not because they have superior ideology or thoughts on governance it is only a cynical fascist view of government, without competing voices who is any wiser, no one that’s who. For instance if the people of the inner city ghettos were to have a real choice we are certain that they would run as fast as they can from their inner city DNC hell holes and climb the ladder of success. But then where would that leave the DNC without any bastion of support based on entitlement governance.

Nowhere. Their electoral success would drop like a rock and why they keep such a stranglehold on these electorates, without government to pay their way they would be out of business, but misery is their stock and trade now isn’t it. Look at Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Trenton and a host of others all are mired in squalor, lack opportunity, and jobs with crime and murder rates that rival El Salvador and Guatemala, the highest crime rates in the world.

Then we are introduced to Net Neutrality and government getting their hands on the Internet which had been the last vestige of unlimited information they did not control in one form or another. This was pushed as being a benefit to the average citizen but in reality it allowed government to have their hands on a kill switch that could be thrown at any time and or any reason. Government under the DNC does not grow government for the citizens benefit, but that of their own ideology and power, and make no mistake they want ever more amounts of power, being able to bring communications to a standstill makes them more secure, similarly it is the same reason why they want our firearms.

Then we are introduced to the weaponization of the intelligence community to be a political weapon used against ones enemies, with the CIA and NSA being inculcated to do the work of the DNC to keep anyone away from the Oval Office that is not dyed in the wool DNC. This is dangerous as we have tactics that are indistinguishable from the Nazi party and their feared and hated Gestapo or secret police, in effect what Obama and the DNC has done is create a police state that answers to the DNC president. Hillary was to carry on this effort until such time that elections would no longer be needed, at least that’s where police states end up in totalitarian regimes.

Then we finish up with the militarization of federal agencies with offensive weapons of war, while at the same time Obama had pushed through sequestration reducing appropriations to the military. Which had the effect of destroying good order and discipline with the gay and transgender inclusion and women in combat. And saw the backbone of the military retire, non-commissioned officers (NCO’s), thereby having the desired effect of reducing offensive capabilities. Then the  DNC fascinations with their depraved concept of sexual identity and unbridled enjoyment without consequence, truly aberrant and made to weaken our offensive capabilities even further.

Clearly all these efforts are not in the best interest of our nation, citizens, posterity or future as it makes our government intrusive and threatens our freedom, liberty and security since these efforts are only to create a one party hegemony and dare we say fascist state. With Antifa in insurrection, and other DNC surrogates this is not an outrageous statement. We feel comfortable making such a declaration since we see the DNC in a state of open sedition advocating for our duly elected and seated government to be deposed. Nowhere did conservatives ever call for this under Obama. To the contrary the GOP congresses bent over backwards and gave him everything he wanted and demanded, to the tune of placing this nation another 10 trillion in debt.

Hardly what I would call sedition. It Is a look behind the curtain on where the DNC will take this nation if given the chance; contact Congress and demand that the DNC be prosecuted with the RICO Statutes to extinction. Back to the DNC Weaponized Federal Agencies Against Political Enemies page.

DNC Weaponized Federal Agencies Against Political Enemies

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