Seth Rich a DNC employee that has a nexus with Imran Awan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile, Julian Assange, Hillary Clinton and is murdered shortly before he is questioned by the FBI. Then the supposed hack of the DNC headquarters where he worked has been falling apart of late and it appears that the hack was actually Seth who leaked the emails to Wikileaks, then his families reaction, even more curious… More

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How The DNC Media See Seth Rich Murder

Seth Was to Join DNC Hillary’s Campaign

DNC Hillary Uses Seth’s Death Push Gun Control

DNC Media Covering Over Seth’s Murder

GOP Rep Meets Assange Game Changer

DNC Debbie Has Shut Down Investigation

DNC Donna Intimidates Inquiries On Seth

Investigator Embroiled in Seth Rich Murder

DNC Fascination With State Sponsored Death 2017©

Seth Rich Was to Join Hillary Campaign Hillary Uses Seth's Murder for Gun Control Rod Wheeler Embroiled In Seth Rich Case GOP Rep Assange DNC Not Hacked DNC Media Covering Up Seth Rich Murder DNC Debbie Uses Brother To Shut Down Case DNC Donna Shuts Down Murder Probe